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9 Ball Pool Rules

9 Ball Pool Rules

These are the rules in our own words - hopefully more reader-friendly than the official rules, at least if you're from the UK anyway!

Points of Contention

Deliberate fouls, push-outs, frozen to the rail - we attempt to clear up some of those misunderstood rules.

World Standardized Rules: 9 Ball Pool

The official 9 ball pool rules from the Billiard Congress of America - settles most arguments!

General Rules of Pocket Billiards

Rules for 9 Ball are an extension of these. The General Rules apply to 9 Ball (and other cue sports) unless explicitly contradicted in the official 9 Ball rules.

World Standardized Rules: 8 Ball Pool

The official 8 ball pool rules from the Billiard Congress of America

World Standardized Rules: 14.1 Continuous (Straight Pool)

The official 14.1 Continuous rules from the Billiard Congress of America

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