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Friction Pool (HTML5 pool game)

Tue 19th Jun 2012 11:06am
Friction Pool
Friction Pool

Friction Pool is the world's first HTML5 Pool game you can play on your phone, tablet or desktop PC.

Although a work in progress, the game is almost finished, and it's creators have opened it up to the general public in order to gather feedback. Feedback from serious Pool players is particularly welcome.

Play 9 ball, 10 ball or 6 ball, in one or two player modes. Choose from the default table, an easy table with jumbo balls and pockets, or a pro table which is to-scale and conforms to official tournament table dimensions and ball sizes.

Head over to to give it a go!

Friction Pool screenshot on iphone
Friction Pool can be played on mobile devices like the iPhone

Partners & Friends

  • Friction Pool is the world's first pool game you can play on your phone, tablet or desktop PC.
  • Them Apps - UK based mobile app specialists.

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