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Daryl Peach

 24th June 2004

For those that are not familiar with the name Daryl 'Dazzler' Peach, this year may change all of that. This former Mosconi Cup player has been laying the opposition to waste this year at almost every event he has entered, both nationally and on the international stage. Not only that, he has proven his intestinal fortitude by being the first 'name' player in the country to make the change over to the British Professional Pool Players Association.

In 2004 Daryl has earned a reputation amongst fellow competitors for being friendly and approachable off the table, but very intense and focussed on it. We here at thought we would grab Daryl (while he was off the table!) for a few questions about himself and his opinions. Some of the answers prove very interesting to say the least!

1. You are having quite a year in 2004: 2 BPPPA tour wins, a Eurotour final, a WPC spot, and now an 8 ball world championship spot. What do you attribute your success this year to?

There are three reasons for my recent success:

(a) Joining the BPPPA has given me a new lease on life. I didn't like what was going on with the other tour and my game was going stale.

(b) I'm practicing more now because of my newfound appetite.

(c) The top reason is this: I've finally found my true game and my comfort zone, in other words, I've found what works best for me.

2. You have been playing pool professionally for at least 10 years. What originally gave you the desire and drive to be a professional pool player?

9 years actually! As you probably know, I was a pro snooker player but wasn't earning enough money even though I had reached 173 in the world. Then a friend of mine introduced me to 9-ball, and the first 3 ranking tournaments I entered I won! This encouraged me to give up snooker and take pool seriously because I knew I had a talent for this game.

3. Compare the pool scene today to the pool scene 10 years ago when you were just getting started? Well if you mean in the UK alone, its growing constantly. Now with Ted Bristow in charge of our governing body, I'm positive the game is going to rise to another level. He is one determined character!

4. Where do you see the game going in the next 5 years? As I've said above, I'm sure Ted and the BPPPA are gonna raise the profile of 9-ball in the UK, and I hope I can do my bit by showing the overseas players that were not here just to make the numbers up.

5. What equipment are you using currently?

My equipment is as follows:

Playing cue: Custom Viking butt with predator 314 shaft.

Jump Break: Oliver Stopps Mega-Hammer.

Cue case: Viking 2 and 4

6. How do you practice? Do you just match up with other players, do drills, play different games?

I don't want sound cocky, but where I live I don't think there is the calibre of player to practice with that would benefit me at all. I have drills -some I have made up, and some I have seen elsewhere. I also play a lot of straight pool because I feel its good for practicing your concentration amongst other things.

7. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest ever to pick up a cue (snooker, pool, whatever)?

Snooker: Ronnie O'Sullivan

Pool: Efren Reyes

Overall: Efren because I saw him play Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan 6 years ago, at snooker best of 5 for 100 each if I remember rightly: he beat both of them with his pool cue, and he made 3 centuries!! Now that's special.

8. Are there any players rising through the ranks in the UK whose game has caught your eye?

Yes, a few come to mind. David Walsh has got an old head on young shoulders, as has Kevin Hew. Another player that is improving fast is Gareth Esprit.

9. You play all the different games at world-class level. What is your favourite game to play?

My favourite game has to be Golf (only kidding). 9-ball without a doubt, I think it suits my style of play and I like the speed of the game.

10. How important do you feel that gambling is to becoming a great player?

Any of the top players will tell you the same thing and that is this: Tournament play and gambling play are two totally different games. There are players in the States that'll beat you up bad for money, but wont stand a chance against you in a tournament, it's all about your comfort zone.

Daryl agreed to do this interview even though he was in the middle of preparations for two World Championship events. A massive thank you must go to him for taking the time out to answer these questions during one of the busiest times in his career.

- Dave Quinlan

Photo: Daryl and spectators at the BPPPA Doncaster Open, 23rd May 2004

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