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Daryl 'Dazzler' Peach

In 2004 Daryl has earned a reputation amongst fellow competitors for being friendly and approachable off the table, but very intense and focussed on it. We here at thought we would grab Daryl (while he was off the table!) for a few questions about himself and his opinions. Some of the answers prove very interesting to say the least!

Steve Davis ('Romford Slim')

We caught up with captain of the Europe Mosconi Cup team Steve Davis (aka Romford Slim) at the 2001 World Pool Masters at the Lakeside shopping centre in Essex...

Charlie Williams

We caught the former U.S. junior champion in the middle of a hectic world championship schedule. He took time to speak exclusively to about the world championships, and the gambling scene in America.

I Want One Of Those!

  • Electric Espresso Pot

    Electric Espresso Pot

    Espresso, the fuel of a nation and vital morning bolt for caffeine lovers, was until now only available from posh coffee machines.

  • Telescopes - EXT125 PE Astro Telescope

    Telescopes - EXT125 PE Astro Telescope

    Space, the final frontier. Now you can look deep into it with these star gazers

  • Tokyo Flash B Version

    Tokyo Flash B Version

    Who cares what the actual time is, when the design of the watch and trying to work it out is what it's all about

  • Mokona


    Bialetti are serious about coffee and their Mokona makes a seriously good one.

  • Designer Ducks - Triple Choc Duck

    Designer Ducks - Triple Choc Duck

    Designer ducks. Add a little 'je ne sais quite what on earth quoi' to your bathroom....

More Cool Stuff...

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